Thank you everyone for participating in the TWP Summer 2017 Mapping Competition!
And thank you to everyone who helped participants with mapping questions in the chats and threads. Also, thank you to our 7 judges who volunteered their time to play and score each of the submissions.
It has been a fun competition with lots of streams to watch, and content getting created.

The winner of the total competition is Snapper576 with Agelity!

The final results are listed below:

[SP] – 4.04Agelity by Snapper576 – 1st Place SP
[SP] – 3.77Antilles by RectorRocks – 2nd Place SP
[SP] – 3.69Shift-Tab by l1zardr0ckets – 3rd Place SP
[MP] – 3.53Double or Nothing by Idolon – 1st Place COOP
[SP] – 3.42Laser Construction by PersonMeetup
[SP] – 2.41Empty Floor by PortalStorm4000
[SP] – 1.92Wheatley’s Final Test by Slyceth

We’ll be contacting the winners to choose prizes from the prize pool this week.

Stick around, we’ll be having another mapping competition sometime this fall!