After discussions, our moderators and Community contributors came to an agreement on a new set of rules for those who wish to join and interact on our discord server asking about general advises on mapping and modding, and what you should expect when you join the server, read below for more information.


  • Be respectful to all users. Take any interpersonal issues to DM’s — they have no place here.
  • Avoid low-quality posts. This includes memes, images without context, or anything else that doesn’t contribute to productive discussion.
  • Don’t spam. Generally just don’t do anything repeatedly until it gets annoying.
  • Give and take good criticism. Keep criticism fair and constructive; be ready to take feedback when you post your work.
  • English discussion only. We know not everyone speaks English natively, but please make your best effort!
  • Absolutely no pornographic/gore/NSFW/NSFL material. If you’re not sure, don’t post it.
  • Don’t backseat moderate. If someone’s being problematic, let the moderators take care of it.
  • Ask good questions. Do your own research before you ask, and be clear, specific, and detailed in your question.
  • Give good answers. Be patient with askers, and be as clear and thoughtful in your answer as possible.

We also had some changes within our admins with some departures by some long time members due conflicting agendas between the moderator job and real life. TWP thank Anna (Lpfreaky90), Adroon, Michelle Sleeper, and Niker107  For their job and time in the team. Although, not all is sad news, TWP welcome our two new additions to the team of moderators, those being Wii2 and Chris W. Who are also long-time members of the community.

If you wish to join the server, CLICK HERE, Thanks for reading this far, and as always, sorry for the bad English.