We’ve been hard at work the past few weeks migrating the website to a fresh new platform. We’ve moved away from the old phpBB forum and onto a new WordPress powered site and forum.

There has been a few major changes that I’ll go over quickly here, and in more detail below.

  • We’ve integrated Discord logins, so that you do not need to register with the site to comment. You can securely login using your Discord credentials and it will automatically link your account.
  • Speaking of account linking, you can also link your Steam account. There will be some functionality regarding this in the future, but for now it gives you another method to access the forums!
  • The download database has been preserved, although right now it’s in rough shape. All of the files are there but it needs some work. More about this below.
  • The website now has a blog component for our news page. Previously the front page of Thinking With Portals was reserved for announcements from site staff. Now we have made it so that Community Contributors can post here as well. Hopefully this means the site will see a lot more activity in the future!

There is almost certainly going to be some weirdness that crops up. Please report any and all bugs that you find here!