The deadline for the towering competition ended yesterday December 30 at 23:59pm UTC bringing to a close the submission period for entries eligible to win prizes, 11 participants managed to submit their entries in time, so congratulations to those that managed to get there, however if you missed the deadline do not worry, you still can submit your entry to be included as a bonus map.

If you want to give it a look on the current submissions, here is a list of all entries so far.

Doble by Permatemp

The Perilous Pitfall by hennyburgr

T A L L by Ossy Flawol

Two places at once by Wii2

Laser with two levels by BezaoBuilder

The Climb by Tewan

Escalation by FishSniper86

Apoapsis by MisterLambda

Towering by LabPlay

Kwyjibo by HankyMueller

Hamjumper by Camben