Hey everyone!

It’s time again to promote a Portal Mod going to Steam Greenlight!
This time it’s a classic portal 1 mod: Rexaura by no one less than Mevious!


Mevious is a long time member of this community and known for his awesome puzzles, both in Portal 1 (including Portal Pro and Rexaura) and Portal 2(Valve recognized Employee of the month!, Gate, Crawler, Aperture Halloween, Aperture Valentine) and way way more!
So prepare for a brain meltdown and loads of puzzle awesomeness with Rexaura!

Rexaura features a 20 chamber singleplayer campaign with several new testing elements including positron energy orbs and more!
It has been rated 4.88 here on thinking with portals, and a whopping 9.6 on Desura!

And one of the best things: It’ll be free!
If you can’t wait for it to be on steam you can actually go over to our download database and download the already online version!