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Thinking With Portals Returns

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Great!!! Thanks for putting the site back up. :) :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

The cake is a lie

This is an exciting surprise! The sudden vanishing of the forum definitely left a huge gap in the Portal mapping scene and I'm glad to have the combined knowledge back.


So why was mAI unaffected by this, and also, where did it go?


Sejievan wrote:
Ya should incorporate too the Discord server =)

Great idea. Who do I talk to about doing that? I don't use Discord myself.

buggy715 wrote:
Awesome awesome awesome! But have you considered switching to another forum software? I feel phpBB is a bit outdated nowadays. How about myBB or Discourse? Both are free to download and set up.

...also how can't I change my avatar or title? >:/

You can change your avatar in the User Control Panel. Your title is set automatically based on your post count - unless you are part of a user group like the Community Contributors, or you are a special person and I want to fuck with you and give you a title that makes me laugh.

The primary (in fact, the only) reason that I went with phpBB initially is because there was an existing and feature rich download mod, which is kind of the back bone of the entire site. A custom map site needs a rock solid download feature. MyBB was also far less utilized and supported at the time of TWP's inception (back in 2007), so I went with what I was familiar with and what I knew would work.

Unfortunately I kind of don't really have the time to migrate the existing content and port over things to a new download system (assuming something comparable exists in MyBB or Discourse). If someone wanted to take that project on with me I'd be open to it, but be aware I have very particular list of requirements for how that system needs to work.

Plus, with the advent of the Steam workshop, I feel like sites like this are far less of the foundation of game communities.

Ciirulean wrote:
So why was mAI unaffected by this, and also, where did it go?

I don't own or control the domain (which was the agreement for me to host them...), so you'll need to have whoever does own it talk to me. I still have the content, and I can set it up as it's own new subdomain ( maybe?), but if you want the actual "" domain to work, I need to talk to whoever owns it.

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Wow, I'm incredibly happy this place is back up. Thanks a ton for your hard work, msleeper and welcome back everyone.

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It's been a looong time...
Nice to have this back now. I'll always be grateful because this site brought me back to making maps in 2011.

Big thanks for reviving this site!

I didn't think TWP would ever be back.

A pleasant surprise for sure! It's great to be back.

This really made my day! TWP was a big part of my gaming life for a couple years there. Fantastic to have it back. :thumbup:

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Nice. :thumbup:

Ciirulean wrote:
So why was mAI unaffected by this, and also, where did it go?

Not sure what happened, but you can still download the files!

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