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Thinking With Portals Returns

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I'm finally home again

Also, I made a map just for you! Sunset
Click Here to view my Workshop and play my puzzlemaker maps

Ya should incorporate too the Discord server =)

Level designer, 3D modeler, texture artist ,environment artist.

I didn't expect this place to rise from the grave. We have much work to do

Just when I think I understand the system, it changes on me.

Fantastic news. Thanks msleeper! I might just have to crack open Hammer again for old times' sake.

Released Maps
[spoiler]WOM Test 1
Laser Cube Quest
Mho' Power - Community Spotlight!
Four Corners[/spoiler]

Amazing how dedicated you are to this place, thanks a lot!

Great news! Welcome back

My Maps-1-2-3-4-5-

My PTI Tests-1-2-3-

Hooray! :notworthy:

Glad to be back!
Uh, hopefully I can switch out this pony avatar when I get home.

Thanks a lot for bringing TWP back.

Awesome awesome awesome! But have you considered switching to another forum software? I feel phpBB is a bit outdated nowadays. How about myBB or Discourse? Both are free to download and set up.

...also how can't I change my avatar or title? >:/

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