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Felix Griffin's Editor Mod (FGEMOD)

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FelixGriffin wrote:
About the sendtor stuff: I forgot a few instances, download and install this to fix it: ... _v5_src.7z

Umm, well I downloaded that, and I have that problem. It says in-game that the sendtor_manager.vmf file can't be loaded. WTF. I put it in the correct folder (hopefully), and it won't load in the PTI. Help me out, please.

EDIT: I finally got the FGEMOD to work. The sendtor_manager.vmf was in instances/instances/hmw/gadgets, not instances/hmw/gadgets. :oops:

Signatures are overrated.

The portal redirection cube will be fixed as soon as I figure out why the global_ents nodraw box became 4096x4096x4096 units. :lol:

For now, if you want to use it, open the global_ents file in instances/p2editor and add a instances/portal_redirection_cube/global_ents instance. Be warned: it will flood your console!

Falsi sumus crusto!

Hello. I downloaded both items, then unzipped them. How do I use these files? Where do I copy them?
Please help, Thank you

There should be a README file in there, which contains the instructions. SCIENCE and the EXE file go in portal2_dlc2/scripts, the rest go in INSTANCES iirc.

Falsi sumus crusto!

PLEASE READ, very important

Hello, I downloaded your very neat looking mod today! :D I did all that the readme file told me to. But whenever when I am done selecting all of the things I want in the tools pallet, I do not know how to close the window right, so I simply close it by pressing the 'X' button at the top of the window. But right when I do that, a window pops up, saying:

The instruction at "0x100009a23" referenced memory at "0x00981d28". The memory could not be "read".
Click OK to terminate the program

And a different window also pops up at the same time saying that Windows cannot end fgemod.exe
The problem mnost important to me is, when I try to launch Portal 2 it works, until I get to the main menu. RIGHT before it reaches the main menu (when it finished loading), it crashes. It has no error message. If you would please help me, I would appreciate it very much, thank you,

Testchamber Designer, Spamfan

Yes, I think that happens if it doesn't get the chance to close the files before it's killed. Press the F1 key to save the file first, let it save, then press any key to exit.

Thanks for using my mod! I can't wait to see some of your test chambers with it!

Falsi sumus crusto!

Thanks! :D I am trying that and I will post the results!! :D

Okay, so I did that, and this is what happened:
Thank you so very much! :D So, I excitedly started testing a FEW of the new elements (like maybe 5 of them at the most). Once I built the puzzle though, it said error building puzzle. It was the default level size, and relatively few elements. SO why did it not work? Thank you for this cool mod btw : )

Ah, yes, that's my fault. I forgot to include HMW's Sendificator instances with the mod, so it's like the game is missing a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Download the instances from the OP.

Sorry about that. It'll be fixed in the next release, which also fixes the Animal King, includes a better Sendificator model, and includes an all-new gravity reverser cube from PUNT!

Falsi sumus crusto!

Any chance you might add a GUI to this program at some point? It is a remarkably unhelpful program as right now the text is partially unreadable. A GUI would be most appreciated.

Wow! That was...uh, yeah. Just, yeah.
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