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Felix Griffin's Editor Mod (FGEMOD)

FelixGriffin, let's say that i created map using ALL staff from this mod. How can my friend launch my map?

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FelixGriffin wrote:
Unfortunately, it's impossible to make custom menus in the editor. Otherwise I'd do it for the choreo and the skybox. I'm not going to do this because it requires the DLC3 hack, but it is possible to edit the timer images to add a bit of text under the ones digit. If you find a way to get that working, I'll gladly add it to the mod. :)

About the sendtor stuff: I forgot a few instances, download and install this to fix it: ... _v5_src.7z

Aw well. Though 2 things:

1) Physler.vtf is missing (you don't see the particle effects in-game)
2) The entry/exit modded doors don't work, and I suggest making the player lose their portalgun if there's a portal gun pedestal on the map (if possible)

Going to post bugs i found soon.

My maps : 1

Lich God: Some bugs are intentional, although they're all in the Animal King. I wanted it to be an interesting challenge to get it working. :P But I'm sure there are a ton that aren't. I'll be away this next week, but I'll work on your list after that.

For your friend to play it, it depends what elements you used. If you have FudgePacker it should auto...wait, I forgot the config files for that. Never mind. If they install this mod everything should work fully, but they can also get the Sendificator to work by downloading from the link I mentioned above, the Combine balls from the BEEMOD page or Skotty's help page, and the vactubes from Skotty's doublesided glass pipes package. The skyboxes are mostly custom, so you'll need this mod for that. The rest should work without any modification.

Portal Fan: Physler.vtf should be in there, I was sure I packed it...? I'll check again. And sorry about the doors. I didn't want to override every single one, so I only changed the elevator. That means that the portal gun will show up in preview mode, but not when it's exported. Try exporting a VMF and building in Hammer to see. Ben said he was working on a way to make the portal gun take away the one that you spawn with, but it didn't work for me. If you have this mod, you spawn without a portalgun when you release. Just put a disabled dual portal device in front of the door to give it to the player right away.

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So, I installed the FGEMOD properly (I think) and when I try to launch Portal 2, guess what? The game quits. Even after verifying the game files, I still have the same problem.

Oh, the editoritems.txt file is completely blank. Is there supposed to be something there?

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Run the program again, it seems to do that the first time after it's installed. If that doesn't work delete editoritems.txt and run it again. It shouldn't be blank.

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Ok, so running the FGEMOD.exe and pressing f1 changed the editoritems.txt file. It now has the model and texture names for the test elements.

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Oh, you closed the program before saving? That would explain it, it clears the file at the beginning while it does the little intro.

By the way, if you want to skip the "animated" intro, pass a parameter to the program. It doesn't matter what, it can be anything.

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Oh, another question. When I try to run the map in the PTI editor, I get an error message. How do I fix this? I tried validating the files, but that doesn't work. I tried some other things, but I still get an error.
Umm... I would like an answer ASAP please. I don't understand why the PTI is messed up.

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When will the portal redirecting cube be working again? I'd really like to use it in a map!