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[SP] Heavens Gate

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Well, room 1 is weird. Solved it somehow, but don't ask me how. That may be, because I don't like funnels at all.
Room 2 is just awesome. Kept me thinking for over 30 minutes; and I solved it. :D
Room 3, well, I study math, but it seems like I'm too stupid to solve 1+2. :o

Edit: Waah, wasn't too stupid to solve 1+2. I was simply too stupid to do it right. Room 3 looks fun, but my head needs some rest first. :snooze:

I also started with portal gun

Anyway,map looks great, can't wait to try it

Room 1: did it somehow too, don't know how
Room 2 was really easy for me, did it at first try
Room 3 looks interesting, but not so hard, gotta try it later

Uh, still stuck in room 1. Anyone who didn't solve it "by accident" and could give me a small hint?

So far mindblown...

Few pointers (from me at least)

i also started with a portal gun, but i have chosen not to use it so far as i read its a glitch, so its perfectly possible so far to complete this up to being given a portal gun, without it.

By the way, its the "sp_" part of your map name which is spawning the portal gun. Its not written into the portal2 code to add the portal gun on every "sp_mapname" map. Like has already been said, add a weapon strip onto the map, or just remove the sp from infront of the name, and have it just "heavens_gate" for instance.

One issue i have had so far:


Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

Apart from that, brilliant map so far.. think its going to take me a while to figure out this one :) enjoying it tho!

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Just solved it. I enjoyed this map, but speaking truly I expected something harder ( 2 and 3 was too easy for me). Password for each chamber was great idea, I also like how you designed this map :D
There are some bugs, glass in 2nd room sometimes becomes invisible, also you can shoot portal like that:Image


Btw I found another way to cheat a little in Chronologic ^^

Still at the first puzzle.

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

Is this even anywhere near the correct way?

Screenshots look rad. Gonna have to play this one.

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zivi7 wrote:
Still at the first puzzle.

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.
Is this even anywhere near the correct way?

From the first room in chamber 1

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.
Rest should be easy.This isnt correct way as your not supposed to have portal gun yet,But will let you advance.I havent tried correct way yet as I didnt know you were not supposed to have the gun.I know the password but it requires 4 cubes and there is only 4 but you need one on the button so you need 5 really and I'm still thinking about that lol

I also started with a portal gun. I also started with numbers by door 2, but after finishing room 1, the numbers are gone and I don't remember them. Is that right? I also had terrible visual glitches in room 1 when I had placed two portals, so taking away the gun would be a good idea.

The glitches appeared to me also in room 1 where everything went white and also the numbers were gone but moving around without looking at them let them come back.Possibly just overloading the engine maybe?

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