Now that the dust has settled from the Summer Mapping Initiative it’s time to start getting back into the regular routine of highlighting releases. You’ll notice that there aren’t very detailed descriptions for each map; this is mainly because at the moment we’re playing catchup and we will reinclude somewhat longer ones in the next roundup. So without further ado:


Reboot by ColorCubeMan
A decayed/destroyed themed map with faith plates, excursion funnels, repulsion gel, and light bridges.

A Little Higher by reepblue
Five short puzzles utilizing a new element: the Repulsion Cube.

Angrybombs by MissStabby
A map featuring Rick the Adventure Sphere, turrets, and bombs. Many of that last one.

Revelations: Chamber 9 by Hanzik
A chamber with lasers and reflective cubes. Several of them, in fact.

Oversized Test Chamber Storage Area by CrazyGuy
A map featuring light bridges, excursion funnels, and in-map achievements (text in-game).


Cyan Industries by cementiet
A well-built map with excursion funnels, faith plates, and a few nifty custom overlays.

Freefall by ForbiddenDonut
A visually appealing map with lasers, turrets, pits, and funnels.

Kyo’s Testing Environment by Kyorisu
Containing cubes, faith plates, and buttons, this map is based on good timing.

That’s it for now; look forward to more Community Roundups. And again, thank you for the continued support.