The staff at ThinkingWithPortals is proud to announce that we’re increasing the number of ways you can follow and interact with the site. We’ve now got several different channels on popular social networking sites open for business. They’re all on display in the sidebar just over there to the left, but I’ll detail them in case you don’t want to move your eyes from this riveting post. You can like us on Facebook, where news announcements, screenshots of Community Spotlight maps, and other things will be posted and integrated into your news feed. You can subscribe to our channel on YouTube; look for future announcements as to the content that will be posted. In addition, follow our feed on Twitter for, again, news announcements, Community Spotlights, and other updates.

On another note, if you’re one of the strong souls who still use RSS feeds, you can add the following feeds to stay updated. Take a look at the news feed, the new downloads feed, and the new topics feed.

Look forward to another Community Roundup in the very near future. We’ll be covering the time since the Summer Mapping Initiative ended, so expect more brief descriptions but more highlighted downloads.

Finally, we want to thank the entire community for their continued support and participation. You all keep this site alive and kicking and are helping it grow and improve.

There was a minor problem with the "New Downloads Feed". If you subscribed to this feed, please adjust it so that you are using the new feed. The correct feed URL is here. This has been reflected site-wide.

A disclaimer: If you friend us on Facebook, for the time being we will have the same status as any other friends on Facebook. If your privacy settings are set to "Friends of Friends" visibility on something (status, photo, etc.), another person who has friended TWP may be able to see it. They will not be able to find you through our friends list, but on the off chance that person stumbles across your profile in another way the item may very well be visible to them. I’m still looking into whether the ‘Friends list visible only to the staff’ option removes the "ThinkingWithPortals Mapping is now friends with" status posts.

Also, don’t feel it’s absolutely necessary to friend us on Facebook. It’s not like anything posted there won’t be duplicated at least two times through the site itself and Twitter.

Scratch that, it’s fixed now (it’s a page instead of profile).