ThinkingWithPortals and The Portal Wiki are proud to present the 2012 Heavy-Duty Super-Mapping Super-Contest

This contest is a follow-up to the successful 2011 Summer Mapping Initiative here at ThinkingWithPortals. We are aiming to promote and reward skill in puzzle design and advanced map-making techniques. In achieving the above, we anticipate the contest will produce fantastic content for the Portal 2 player-base to enjoy, and provide incentive for folks newly introduced to mapping via PTI to grow and expand their skills.

The contest is a free-roaming mapping competition, meaning entrants have complete creative freedom over their entry. The very best maps, as judged by a team of staff and community members from the Thinking With Portals and The Portal Wiki communities, will receive the prizes listed below; and have their work spotlighted on ThinkingWithPortals.

The contest will run from Thursday, July 18 until Sunday, August 5 – 19 days to map!

We will be awarding a huge number of prizes given to us by Valve and The Portal Wiki staff members. Entry rules and more specific information can be found on the contest site.

The 2011 contest produced a huge number of amazing maps, and we are sure this contest will be no less! What are you waiting for? There’s no time to waste!

2012 Heavy-Duty Super-Mapping Super-Contest