Hey guys! It’s that time again. This community round-up will cover some of the best maps from May 8th through July 8th. Get ready to play some quality maps!


The Lone Future Starter by Sejievan puts you in the place of a forgotten Aperture employee- left to rot in an abandoned docking station, your only objective is to get out of there. This well detailed map will show you outside the facility, like you’ve never seen it before.

Once you found your way out, you only managed to find a single-portal device. Don’t worry, you can still play through Secondary Fire: Patience by RubyCarbuncle with a single portal! This map includes neat puzzles involving one portal.

After you finally found that dual portal device, let’s go behind the scenes again. Interlude by ColorCubeMan has a small, enjoyable puzzle with amazing aesthetics behind Aperture.

Let’s get back into classic tests. Logic Gravitational by Sleter will challenge your mind for a while.

Another chamber for you to try out is Photonic by p0rtalplayer. It’s an excellent clean-themed map that includes custom music, textures, and more!

Don’t worry, if single maps aren’t enough for you, we’ve got two map packs. Forsaken Chambers by torquestomp has two satisfactory maps – along with the Statis Map Pack by Dreey, which contains absolutely amazing maps that are sure to keep you entertained.

Crash through the floor and end up in Flings & Roundabouts by Moth. This awesome underground-themed test is worth the play!

Memory Lose by GHoST61 is sure to interest you. With collectibles and new puzzles throughout, you’ll have a great time playing through the map.

The original test elements can get quite repetitive… so how about some new ones? Introduction to Multidimensional Travel by Aicxe, Prey by Sicklebrick, and Solid_field by ColorCubeMan all have brand new test elements that you are welcome to try out!

Up for a challenge? Dojo of Pain(t) by MarKiu and SP Hard Light by greykarel will provide you with some tough tasks, are you enough of a ninja to complete them?

How about we take a break from tests, and head off to the Aperture Science State-of-the-Art Game Room and play a nice game of Cube Dozer by sicklebrick. This fun mini-game is a nice change of pace!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Grab a partner and try these out…


Let’s start off with Problematic by Insomnautik. Do you and your teammate have the wits to solve the problems in this challenging map?

Head underground and play Quad by JinxMontalgo. This Old-Aperture map will keep you and your partner thinking!


ThinkingWithPortals is starting a new series of video reviews and playthroughs of maps posted here on TWP. The first up is a review by wstrika of the map "Aperture Offices":


Watch out for more new video series, including a PTI review series called Mevious Hates Your Map and a coop playthrough series called Drinking With Portals.

Lastly, TWP has setup a new dumb tumblog for all of the ignorant, funny, and dumb comments posted on the Portal 2 Steam Workshop. Stop by Thinking With Portholes and submit some content to us!

That’s all for the round-up. Hope you all have fun playing through these maps- see you next time!