As I’m sure you all have noticed, things have been busy around here with the release of the Workshop publishing platform and the Puzzle Creator.

We have setup a new discussion board for all Puzzle Creator related questions and discussion. Please try to keep all non-Hammer mapping specific questions and Workshop publishing questions in this board! In the coming days we’ll be setting up more concise information – tutorial videos, screenshot threads, and so on.

EDIT 5/10
Long time Source mapper and forum contributor Mr. Happy has started a thread for hacks and protips for the new Puzzle Creator for those who want to get more involved in the technical aspects. It’s only 2 pages so far but it’s a great thread already. Stop by and add your info as we dissect the puzzle creator and how it works!

Speaking of the Workshop, we are working on setting up a new Workshop frontend to accompany – and ultimately replace – our existing Download Database. We will have lots more information regarding this as things move forward, but basically the idea is to urge all new map releases to be through the Workshop platform. This won’t be for a while since, at present, the Workshop platform only supports singleplayer map releases. But looking towards the future, you can expect TWP’s new release system to be highly integrated to the Workshop platform.

In the meantime, lpfreaky has setup a "pimp your Workshop release" thread where you can post a link to your new Workshop maps. Also here’s a protip: The existing download system lets you specify an external link to a file. You can release your map using this method by using your Workshop release URL in the download’s external URL!

I’ve also gone ahead and upgraded a new batch of members to Community Contributor. For those of you just joining ThinkingWithPortals, our Community Contributors are the purple username members who have in one way or another given back to TWP and the Portal 2 community. Maybe it was a great map release, or maybe it was being helpful here on the boards. Either way – say hi to the new kids on the block!

On a similar subject, it’s about that time for another one of Djinndrache’s Community Roundups where we highlight the best maps of the past few weeks. Be sure to check back when that hits!

With the new Workshop features, the new board for the puzzle creator, and TWP in general growing as a central part of the Portal 2 community, we are on the lookout for new staff members again. News posters, map reviewers, and other highly active members of the community: If you are interested in helping TWP out, let us know! Go ahead and post here and we’ll be taking a look at names.

And finally, here is a video of a kitten trying to intimidate a ball.


See you next time.