I wanted to give a small update regarding upload procedures for puzzle creator maps.

We have setup a new Puzzle Creator download category in the Download Database. Please upload all of your PTI maps there. You should use the "External URL" option and link to your Workshop release URL when doing this. (Don’t know how to upload a map? Read here!) This rule supersedes previous decisions to only post maps in the "Pimp your workshop map" thread. You can still post it there; you are not required to upload your PTI map through the DLDB.

This category is for maps created with the PTI Puzzle Creator only. If you made a map in Hammer, but uploaded it to the Workshop, then upload it to the "Singleplayer" category as normal. You can still use the External URL option to link to your Workshop URL.

We have done this to keep PTI created maps and Hammer created maps separate, but also allowing PTI maps to be properly showcased.

We are still enforcing our release quality standards for PTI maps, and we will still remove your PTI created map if it’s a low quality release!

This is only a first step towards further integrating the Workshop release platform with ThinkingWithPortals.com. Check back soon for news regarding new upload procedures as we develop more closely with the Workshop.

Feel free to post any questions you might have. Thanks.

I also want to take the chance to point out that we do not support piracy, and any discussion or admission of pirating the game will result in an instant and permanent ban. Period. We support Valve, and if you want to participate in our community, you should too.