Today we’re shining our community spotlight, not on a map, but a competition! We at are proud to present the Summer Mapping Initiative mapping contest!

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Nacimota, just how difficult is this competition? What was in that phonebook of a rules page I just read? Am I in danger?"

Let me answer those questions with a question: who wants to win an Ultimate Portal 2 Gift Pack and have their work spotlighted by Valve on the official Portal 2 Website? If you’re interested in participating in this test then read on.

The competition will run from today (Tuesday the 24th of May) to 11:59PM EDT on the 6th of June at which point we will stop accepting submissions from test subjects. This is only two short weeks – there’s no time to waste!

We’re looking for clever and fun test chambers consistent with the themes in Portal 2 (which means no custom assets!). The top two winning maps will receive the grand prize of the Ultimate Portal 2 Gift Pack, as well as having their maps spotlighted on the official Portal 2 website.

If you haven’t read the rules page we linked to above, I urge you to read it now. Thoroughly. Here’s the link again, in case you missed it:

Thinking With Portals – Summer Mapping Initiative

Nacimota. We’re done here.