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Steam Summer Sale Super Secret Santa

Hello Test Subjects!

It's almost time for the second most fun time of the year!
It isn't the holiday season, nope, it's almost time for the Steam Summer sale 2013.
The perfect time of year to add new stuff to your gaming collection.

To make it even more fun we want to do something special this year:

Steam Summer Sale Super Secret Santa.

How does it work? (READ VERY CAREFULLY)
1) Make sure your steam wishlist has games on it in the $0-$10 range (or your regional equivalent)
2) Sign up in the following thread: Steam Summer Sale Super Secret Santa Signup Thread and post a link to your steam profile, make sure your steam account is public!
3) We will close the thread 24 hours after the Summer Sales have started, then we will randomly assign everyone to someone else as soon as possible.
4) Once everyone has been assigned a person whom to buy a gift for we will sent everyone a pm, telling them who to buy a gift for.
5) If you have the pm, go check out the steam profile and check out the wishlist.
- if there are no games in the price region and/or if the profile is not available, sent a pm to the global moderators group immediately so we can communicate this asap.
6) Add the person you've got to buy a gift for and at least four other players from this list to your friendslist, add to the message something like "ThinkingWithPortals Secret Santa" so people know it's for the Secret Santa.
7) When you feel like buying the other person a game, do so. You'll have the time for buy the games during the run of the steam summer sales. (ps: remember the golden rule: Wait for the daily deals!!! )
Another golden rule: last day of the sale has amazing deals too, but don't plan on waiting until the end
8 ) Once you've bought the game; gift it directly through steam.
9) If you buy a game from your wishlist in the pricerange during the sales, make sure to let your Santa know so you don't both buy the same game!

Q: When will the registration close?
A: The moment the steam summer sales start.

Q: When will the steam summer sales start?
A: Your guess is as good as ours, but it's very likely to start within a month from now.
Probably on a forum and at 6pm BST (check Google for your local timezone)

Q: What if I'm not there around the steam summer sales?
A: You can also buy games through the steam app on your android and/or iOS phone. If you think you won't be able to check out your internet for 11 days (the time the last summer sales lasted) please don't sign up.

Q: I haven't gotten my game yet!
A: Relax; people have time to buy your games until the end of the summer sales.

Q: I can't see the other person's steam profile!
A: Sent the <GLOBAL MODERATORS> a message As soon as possible, and also start poking the person for whom you've got to buy a gift for.

Q: What if I don't get my game after the sale ended?
A: Then that person is a horrible person. We will bully him, ban him, put his name up for name and shame and will never let him on the website anymore. We will see what we can do for your present. But we trust our community to be nice and honest persons.

Q: Why do I also have to add at least four other people to my friendslist?
A: It's a Secret Santa right? If you add more people it'd be a bigger surprise who actually gifts who! Besides, shouldn't you all be friends already anyway?

Q: Can I add more than four other players?
A: Sure! The more people you add the bigger the surprise!

Q: When does the game need to be in the $0-$10 range?
A: During the sales. That can mean that a game that's now $40 will be purchasable if it's 75% off!

If you have any more questions about this; please leave a message over here!
--- The staff ---

Get ready. Only 4 hours left until it starts. :lol:

AW YEAH, Mr. Yeah!

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ChickenMobile wrote:
AW YEAH, Mr. Yeah!

Hahaha :lol:

ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:

Steam sale has started! Get ready to empty your steam wallet and credit cards.

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When do you send the PMs?

Just got this today by a non-Santa!


Mr.Yeah wrote:
When do you send the PMs?

You should be getting them very shortly, if you haven't already.

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Thank you for visiting Thinking With Portals!

Just got Super Meat Boy seet :D

Got Antichamber today! :D Thanks, Secret Santa!


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I just want all of you know that it took a huge amount of self control to not tell everyone that their secret santa was msleeper and just rake in the free games.

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