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Steam Summer Sale Super Secret Santa Signup list

Please read this post first

If you want to sign up for the Steam Summer Sale Super Secret Santa!!!
Have fun!!! :thumbup:

Current List:
- Lpfreaky90
- Msleeper
- Darkempire
- Freelion
- Fuzzi99
- Mr.Yeah
- Josepezdj
- kevin17510
- wrathofmobius
- dorbird
- Djinndrache
- BOB74j
- profyogert
- DigitalMan
- iWork925
- shesheero
- ChickenMobile
- MissStabby
- Zivi7
- Sprowl
- RubbibshyUsername
- malop
- BenVlodgi
- tyleryarnelli
- Xindaris
- Davo
- MrakoBeer
- filipkwro
- facanferff
- henotalkie
- TheGamingGod1217
- Lobstronomous
- ekat2468

Hi, i will sign up.

thanks for the cool idea :)

Steam Username: LuckyRJ

Steam profile link:

my profile wont show in firefox or I:E or chrome unless your logged into steam via those browsers :)


Woohooo presents, santa's and games!
I'm in myself as well! :thumbup:

Sign me the F up.

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i singup 2 !

This is very kind event!
Username darkempire

Here it is

Sign me up

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Great idea.

My Steam profile: Mr.Yeah

Hey! awesome initiative! :thumbup:


ImageImageImageImageImageuseful tools and stuff here on TWP :thumbup:

Hey sign me up to!