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[SP] Wedged

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Thanks for the feedback all. :-D

I'll take opinions about crouching to get under the cube dropper, thought it'd be a random tidbit but just turned out to be pointless work, probably needs to go in hand with something.
I think I was planning to put some signs to point toward the dropper, but forgot, amidst all the other testing I was doing.

Regards to the actual puzzle itself, it was a recycled idea from a previous project attempt (which I decided wasn't going anywhere)
I'm not sure what I can do to prevent the player from just ignoring it without over complicating, as I didn't test this as meticulously.

Overall the large stretched out size comes from the puzzles being presented in neat subsections, I'm sure to recycle this cube clamping method in more complex puzzles. :wink:

Was a damn fine map.For the low could set that up as a puzzle itself.Not sure how but you already got light bridges so continue the theme that way and make the dropper area where it is now just an entrance into another chamber to find a cube

This was a fun map with interesting uses of the light bridge. The Clean style was done attractively as well.
The first thing that bugged me a little was that there was no indication in the second-to-last room that

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And yes, the final room really needs a little work. It's a shame, because it's a neat puzzle when you know where everything is. You have no idea of the crazy things I was trying before I came here to look. Just a few signs indicating to a cube dropper at the bottom of the pit would work, or put it in a more open spot. Or it could be a good idea to incorporate grabbing it into another puzzle. I think you could maybe have that horizontal bridge run into a portal surface (as long as you don't allow it line up with the laser) and use that to complete a side task to get the second cube.

Other than that, very good, and I would recommend it.

Picture that. In your dreams.
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Masterpiece of simplicity and style, like a sprawling maze split in smaller episodes with a fast moving approach. Let me elaborate, the progression through the chambers is linear but the whole structure is so complex and uninterrupted that it feels different than a chain of sealed rooms - more like a big monster level, graciously split in parts.

That said, professional and inspired Clean style with quick (but very vanilla) puzzles. As soon as I saw the sideways receptacle, I immediately recognized you from Compact Compression Play it! :thumbup:

the hills are alive... with the sound of music

This was great! All the puzzles were really good (and somewhat crafty) plus it looked great! Although most puzzles reused the same 'light-bridge cube-button' concept, you made us use it in so many different ways, plus the toggle-direction light-bridge made some cool turret puzzles.

Well done making the puzzle with the laser cube being blocked by the light-bride. It's one of those concepts that not many people come up with and works really well.

Great use of white space and observation rooms, the walls were not the same or boring, and lighting was spot on (as in I didn't notice anything bad :D).

The last puzzle I didn't even know there was a second cube and I totally missed the concept, but I still will rate it 5/5. Congrats.

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Very creative map.
I got stuck where the portal funnel goes across the goo, I couldn't jump up to the top shelf and mistake - put both portals back on wall near funnel - oops...
Add lighting or something down in pit in last chamber - so that easier to see there is an opening at the bottom. Using two light bridges to balance the cube was novel, but like the others I first shot through the momentarily opened door.
Well done, thanks for creating.

Good map - I thought the first room where you could change the orientation of the light bridge was pretty neat.

For the last room, I didn't even know there was a second cube dispenser until I read the forums. Although I understood the concept

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Nice map, but two glitches are found, 2:24 and 6:37

Very nicely done! You cought the feeling of GlaDos' testingchambers. Maybe you could insert a few comments of her, that would really highrise it.

The only thing striking was at the last chamber.

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

But all in all, it is a really 5 Star map.
Congratulations: You earned a :cake:

I'm playing custom maps and record my first time of playing them. So the run is not perfect and may not use only intended ways, but maybe it can let you see how other people may understand the map or you could just enjoy someone playing this map for entertainment.
Anyways, here is the recording:


Also note the video description for more feedback and my signature for additional project information.

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