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[SP] Wedged

My next work, has taken a while due to set backs in other levels, but is finally released!
Features using bridges for multi-purposes to block cubes.

Update version 1.1 released

File Name: Wedged
File Size: 4.17 MiB
Click here to download Wedged

Very slick map, well constructed with some nice puzzles,not too difficult but employed some interesting mechanics. My only niggle is in the last chamber,

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I enjoyed it very much 5/5.

Very nice map.. A bit on the easier side... at least for me I've seen other maps that took me forever and others found a snap.. I liked the mechanics.. I agree..

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, but with the difficulty of the rest of the room..
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.., I think it was pretty nice.. Had a few problems with lag in a few spots.. first and second rooms.. ironed itself out after a death.. lol I rarely, if ever have that problem, so others with systems that are not quite as high end as mine might experience issues. All in all I'll give it 5/5 :thumbup: Nice job, & keep 'em coning. :thumbup:

Enjoyed the levels. Not to hard not to easy. :thumbup: The only exploit I saw was in the very last room with the exit door.

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Once I saw it was the end I went back out and solved as intended. I replayed the last room to see if there was enough time on the timer to complete without using the portable surface by the exit. There was,but I am sure you knew that already. I did notice a cube glitch that allows you to trigger the laser
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A suggestion to eliminate this would be to trigger both bridges at the same time only if both switches have been activated. Anyway,nice job. Keep up the good work.

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I too was able to use the cube in the last room to trigger the door and then shoot a portal quickly in the wall outside the exit door and walk thru - might want to fix that.
I enjoyed the looks, mechanics and puzzles very much. The length of the map was wonderful. It's nice to download a lengthly map and have so many different puzzles to solve and enjoy. Thanks for all the hard work - keep them coming!

Good map, very nicely done. Varied use of the hard-light bridge.

My only issue was in the second part of the last puzzle. I spent most of the time trying to figure out how i'm going to do it with the one laser cube. I really just accidentally stumbled over that second cube dispenser down there. Maybe you should mark it so we know there's another cube to take.

Great map, nice puzzles using Light Bridge, laser, and other things, really nice. Surprisingly long also.

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Some interesting use of the light bridge, I really enjoyed your map!

First Transcendental Building Course: 02 03 (WIP)
(01 needs some rethinking, playable though)

Nice map. Good looking details, nice puzzles. The final chamber was the weak link, but still good enough to make this map a 5 for me. Good job

Very good map you made there. The detail put into it is really good, and with smaller tiles and different wall tiles the clean style got a fresh and neat overhaul. This also helps in orientation a little, that's a good thing.

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Despite this most of the - quite sizable :thumbup: - test was pleasing to say the least. Really refined and nicely crafted puzzler. Five store-brand cakes for you.

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