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[SP] Seven Gates

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As much I would like to think so, I think the background is set from what you by play by automatic screenshot. :)

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This was a very interesting map; good work.

I didn't manage to solve it - not even the first section, and after a few hours gave up and watched the intended solution to determine where my constraints were disproved. I approached this map by making a list of constraints and then attempting to solve the resulting simultaneous equation. I ran around, observed the map, and made the following constraints:

Code: Select all
* One cube must unpower gate 7, therefore at most 2 cubes can be in the main room.
* The laser catcher at the end is powered by a laser through a portal. We acquire a laser and shoot the laser through the portal surface to open the door.
* Gates 1 and 4 cannot be unpowered simultaneously. Therefore we must place a portal from within gate 1.
* Therefore, gates 2-7 must be unpowered simultaneously using two cubes on buttons in the main room.
* Orange portal must catch the laser; it's position is constrained.
* 2 boxes must sit on 2 buttons; their positions (but not orientations) are constrained.
* Only one section of the wall is unobstructed from behind Gate 1. The blue portal's position is semi-constrained.
* Final 3 variables: Blue portal location, two cube orientations

Ultimately, the second constraint turns out to be incorrect. It looks like one must carry a portal to the end; the intended solution is actually quite different. However, this is not clear until after the fact. Personally, I like maps where I solve the room elements, but not solve how the room interacts with itself (in other words, solve a complicated arrangement of constraints, but the constraints themselves are not misrepresented).

That said, your goal is to create maps that new will solve. That's fine, and I think you did a great job. In the future though, I would really like to see you design a map with many clearly-defined constraints, but where the simultaneous equation of those constraints has a very non-trivial solution. You're probably one of the only mappers amazing enough to really pull that off well.

Portal 2 Engineer - A map designed to make you think.

Ruien I had exactly the same story. The constraint with laser was such a critical factor for me that I couldn`t think outside the box on this one. Spent many hours and believe or not I was still able to get to laser catcher (was bouncing the cube on light brigde) but didn`t had enough cubes as for other constraints. Only one of 4 tests I was unable to pass

Well, this was a bit too much for me. The first part was easy enough to complete in 20 mins and I was left wondering "What? That's it??". About 2 hrs later I found myself tearing my hair out, while watching the solution video. This is your best work IMO, and this time I stand completely defeated :(

Should have considered the hint of

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

Sorry for the up. Found this map today and... well, did it.

Awesome and hard(est) map... Haven't done it the way expected for the first part

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

The second part was very tricky Oo

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