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Loading custom maps (without using steam?)

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I'm still pretty sure you are pirating the game though.


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msleeper wrote:
I'm still pretty sure you are pirating the game though.

I have absolutely no experience with Steam. Played alot TrackMania and there you just put the custom maps in the game folder itself and not in some other application-folder that one has to install. But hey, if this is the attitude towards newcomers on this forum... Do you want me to post a picture of my cd/booklet?!

ohwell..I'm going to try some nice maps, and thank you for aswering my question :)

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Put the custom map into -> (location of Portal 2)/Portal 2/Portal2/maps
And then you double click on it, if it ask you with witch program to open it, just chose portal2.exe

And then it should open ;)

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