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Just a note to say hi and great job

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Hi guys, just signed up to post here some gratitude for making these maps, i've spent my afternoon going through maps on the downloads page and most of them have been fantastic, feels like they could be part of the main campaign. Highlights so far have been eco leaf, panelized, crossing the beams, compact compression and indigenous.

Going to try some co op with a buddy later, i was wondering, are there any maps or can there be any maps designed for more than 2 people to play? I imagine some insanely difficulty 4-player map :)

Thanks and keep it up!

Welcome to the forums Xello! Pretty much as soon as you start mapping yourself, (you will eventually, believe me,) you will learn what a brush is.

I don't think 4 player co-op would be realistic. 4 sets of portals, (8 maximum,) would be a bit of a stretch, and designing challenges that takes 4 people to solve would be very hard to do. The challenges would end up being simple, rarely hair pullingly challenging, or most likely broken, so only 3 people would be required to complete it. A nice thought though! And I guess this is what people originally thought about co-op, so it might be possible. But not on Portal 2. Heavy modification would be required to get a 4, let alone 3 player chamber; far beyond just mapping.

One thing I'd like to point out, is that custom mapping can introduce stuff not in the game. For example; fire/water, bomb catchers, simulated gravity flips, paradox chambers that would be impossible to construct, and pnumatic diversity vents that were pulled from the game.

Well I'm glad you've found the glories of custom, user created content for PC (and mac, I guess,) games!

You mentioned my map :-D I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I think 3-person coop would be pretty cool, if done well. But yeah, it's not currently possible.

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Oh i don't think i have the time, patience or skills to make my own maps :)

I originally was looking for community portal 2 content after playing Portal Prelude and The Flash Version Map Pack for the original portal, are there any large packs like this yet? Perhaps someone could make all the best maps here sort of merge into one several-hour-long pack :)

Today's highlight has been "Decode" - genius of a map!

Portal Prelude is probably the best mod for portal, (one of the best for ANY game,) I have ever seen. To be completely honest, I would have been just as happy for that to be portal 2.

As I've said before, Portal 2 'killed' Portal in a few ways. For one, it added more light, happy comedy, instead of the dark 'comedy' of Portal. Portal Prelude stayed true to Portal, offering a dark feel to the game.

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If anyone here has never played portal prelude, GOOGLE IT, DOWNLOAD IT, AND PLAY IT NOW! You will NOT regret it.

What Gman? OH you mean Portal Prelude...
That game was awesome, the only thing that pissed me off is they used tts voices on human characters.

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Oh damn, I still haven't finished Portal: Prelude. I think I got up to the part when Peter (or whoever had the green subtitles) was introduced, then I gave up soon after. Will have to come back to it though.

I agree very much with the concern that Portal 2 "killed" the feel of the original. As I think I read in some review, the best part of it atmospherically was when you were initially lost in the ruins of old Aperture - in every other part you had some helping hand to guide you.

Probably what I hate the most is the Dennis Rattman retcon. I always thought the "rat-man" Valve continually spoke of was just meant to be a metaphor for the many previous test subjects who had dug crawlspaces at various points. But now apparently he's a schizophrenic scientist who just happened to go on an adventure through like 3 different testing tracks and have a premonition that Chell was the "chosen one" to defeat GLaDOS.

But whatever. I enjoyed co-op.

'ey, thanks!

Prelude was...meh. Yeah, the puzzles were OK, but the difficulty curve was rather unstable and a bit annoying. I thought the GMan sightings were OK if not a bit overdone or unsurprising.

Also, one word: Manhacks. Bad idea.

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The hacks were annoying, but kind of awesome in a way. I didn't think it was too hard,

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The guy used tts voice cuz he was russian btw...

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