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Favourite challenge type?

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Least Time -the best , then Least Portals

Oh and, added the Least Time option to your poll. Remember, you have to press the "Add Option" button even for the last option to the poll. ;)

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I see :)

Thanks for your help msleeper

- Nezerv

I'm thinking with portals!

1. Least Portals. I like these best because they require the same kind of thinking as the SP game, but with more discipline. You mave to think a problem all the way through before placing any portals rather than doing it by trial and error.

2. Least Time. Even though I suck at 'em, I'm always impressed by a good speed run. In Portal, this means you're probably going to see some fancy flinging. :D

3. Least Steps. Meh. This just seems kinda tedious, and it's really hard to get a feel for what will count as a step and what won't.


1st: Definitely least portals first. Maybe because I'm best at them and have golds on all of them.

2nd: Least steps, even though I am not that good at them (have golds on the first 3, and bronze on 17 and 18) I like the concept.

3rd: Fastest, like somebody else said, too stressful. But, like somebody ELSE said, watching a good speed run is always entertaining and impressive.

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