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Contest 1010 - Afterburn

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Can anyone tell me why most of the textures don't load for me with this map?
I get purple walls and bright white mirror like effects, and big "error" sings everywhere.

Maybe there's something wrong with your Portal 1 install?

Yeah this is a Portal 1 map.

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Thanks guys, I was trying to use it with Portal 2, all good now, moved it to Portal 1.

I loved this map - love a challenge :-)also loved the maze-style and all the details put into it. Only bad thing was the precision needed sometimes (like jumping into a portal instead of falling to reach needed height) but i guess thats a matter of taste.
Big thx for all this great work you put into this :-)

Just finished it. I LOVED the ending. I'm sorta new to the site. How do I rate this masterpiece 5 stars?!

There's a vote on the downloads page. Click 'vote'

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