Test subjects!
Grab your companion cube because love is in the air! It’s Valentine’s Day and everyone is in love with everyone else! But how does GLaDOS express her love for Chell? That’s right, more tests to go through! Unfortunately there is not too much love for Atlas and P-Body this time because there is a lack of released cooperative maps lately.
Anyways, time to get to the tests! Ready? GO!


Chronologic by marKiu
This map is quite difficult and beginners should not bother trying to solve this. But if you feel like going for a challenge in these lovely days, you may want to give Chronologic by marKiu a try. Do not forget to think out of the box within this map or you may get lost!

Volleygel by Loo-Kin
There are only a few maps out there where you have no portal gun and to be honest, most of them are not really good. But in Volleygel it’s different: You will probably have a great time in this map even without a portalgun! At some points you will have buttons to open portals, so you’re not totally out of portals. Can you think with portals even without a portalgun?

cube, buttons and one portal by lpfreaky90
While you get no portalgun at all in Volleygel’s map, you have a one-portal-portalgun within this map by lpfreaky90. You will have to think different here as the other portal can be set by button and it does not fizzle when you go through an emanicpation grid. Want some fun with a one-portal-portalgun? Here you go!

DaMaGepy’s P2 map #3 by DaMaGepy
DaMaGepy is a long-time member of the community and he has already brought you two maps for Portal 2. Now he released his third map for you! This map seems to be shorter than his previous maps but the quality became even better. Wanna play an awesome map with an original concept? Then don’t miss this one!

Portal Stories Mel: Past Power by Andy, James, lpfreaky90, Moth & TheCakeIsASpy
Some people of our community got together to work on a big mod for Portal 2 which will feature many new levels! While the mod is not yet released, they made it to release a demo of their mod which gives you a little teaser of what’s coming up with the mod. This demo has only one level, but you can get an idea of how lovely and complex they are. If you want to get excited about the new mod, play the demo to know what’s coming in near future!

Somewhere Underground 3 by eladiozro
eladiozro is working on his own little campaign since quite some time and now he released the third part of it. He is getting getting better with every part of the campaign that he releases. However, his campaign is not focusing on very challenging puzzles, but if you like puzzles which are easier than the average, you may want to give it a try!


Gelocity Stage 2 by Raidix
You may already know Raidix’ map Gelocity, now he released a new stage of the same concept! I must admit that I’m personally not really a fan of racing maps, but I loved Gelocity and the second stage is even better! If you are curious about what kind of racing map this is, check out the trailer Raidix posted into his map’s description.

This roundup covers maps from the end of January up to Valentine’s Day.