It’s time once again for a few updates. First of all, we’ve got a new Community Spotlight! This <undetermined time period>’s highlighted map is 12 Angry Tests by CaretCaret. Stop over and check out the map!

Next up is the newest Community Roundup, written by Djinndrache. In addition, we’d like to formally welcome Djinndrache to the TWP staff as our newest moderator in addition to being our community writer and we hope you’ll do the same. On, then, to the roundup!

Djinndrache’s Community Roundup: Year’s Start to January 27[-ish]

Test subjects!
What’s all new and exciting? The new products of our great community members! There have been only a few cooperative maps lately but therefore we got many very good singleplayer maps for you to test and solve.
Only 3 out of 52 weeks of this year have passed so far and we already got so many amazing maps! How can testsubjects not be full of pleasant anticipation for the rest of this year after this great start into 2012?

But let’s hold on for a minute and praise the best maps that have been released in this year so far!


Withdrawal Symptoms by silic
You may have noticed some WIP releases by silic before, now he wrapped those (and some more) maps up to a little mappack! While playing the maps from this mappack you may feel like d?j?-vu sometimes, as some of the maps have to be crossed multiple times. But everytime you face them again, they got some changes to make them harder. Can you make it?

Deja vu by SLOOGOVS
Talking of d?j?-vu, SLOOGOVS just created a map with the name ‘deja vu’! You’ll have to solve puzzles in here which – as you may have guessed – will start over slightly different after you solved them. But have you finished this map after you solved the puzzles twice? Come in and find out!

Levitation by Idolon
Idolon is a long-time member of this community since many years. Now look at what he brought to you lately: A decent Portal 2 map with an original concept! Within the chambers of this map you can use funnels and lasers together in a slightly different way than you may be used to.

Chander Test 7 (Two Towers) by pm_Chander
You may already know the series of maps by Chander, now it’s time for another masterpiece he created. As usual his maps are pretty difficult and you may need quite some time to figure out how to solve some parts of this map. But if you like challenging maps and you got enough time, there should be nothing to hold you back from playing this map!

arc_reznor by deltaalphanova
I hope you don’t get confused when playing this map made by deltaalphanova. In this map you’ll have to think with worldportals and use them in clever ways. Don’t let this map confuse you if you happen to see yourself walking around when you face the worldportals!

Middle Map by Blackrat
Sweet, short and simple – that pretty much sums up this map by Blackrat. However, a map being short and simple does not have to mean it’s bad. There was put quite some love into detail for this map and especially people who don’t like difficult maps will like to give this map a play.

sp_custom by Sejievan
When you play this map you will find yourself sneaking through the facilities of Aperture Science. On your trip through the facilities you will cross several puzzle chambers which have to be solved in order to continue. Some of the puzzles may require some cleverness in order to solve them, so prove how clever you are!

Fun with Funnels by Patches34
Do you know this? You enter a funnel, lean back and wait for the funnel to bring you to your destination. Not with Patches34! He decided to speed up the funnels and find acompletely new way on how you could use them. Have you always wondered why there is ‘Fun’ in the word ‘Funnel’? Play this map to find out!

sp_fr_lasers_01_advanced by FourthReaper
Missing laser puzzles so far? Let’s talk about a map which totally focuses on laser. Depending on your experience with laser puzzles this map may be challenging for you. However, don’t give up and you should find a solution for this!

Laser Encounters by Wanderer2021
Wanderer2021 created a laser map for you, too! In his map description he says: "The name says it all, and when you walk through those doors, you’ll understand." – and actually there is not much more to say than you should really give this map a try!


Lightspeed by BEARD!
Which test elements do you expect to see in this map when you read the map name? Propulsion gel and a hard-light surface? This already sounds fun, but all that wrapped into a coop map even doubles the fun you can have in this map! Find a brave testsubject that is willing to be your partner on this speedy cooperative mission!

Abgrund by Chikorita
So close and yet so far away. You and your partner start quite next to the departure elevators, but you can not reach it both at the same time right away. Instead you have to band together your powers to solve some cooperative puzzles and maybe you’ll find a way to reach the exit together.