The dust has settled on the Summer Mapping Initiative, it’s time to once again start back up with our weekly Community Roundup news posts, highlighting the best maps of the past week. It’s been nearly a month since our last Roundup, so the next two weeks are going to work a bit differently.

This week we are going to roundup the top maps from the Summer Mapping Initiative itself. We are still working on coming up with an easily readable format for all of the contest ratings and judgements – there is really just a ton of data. So in the mean time, here are the top 25 rated maps from the contest. Normally we will put a small blurb about these maps, though given the volume I will save on white space and reading time and simply list them out.

Grand Prize Winners
[SP] Patent Pending by ebola
[SP] Infinifling by MrTwoVideoCards
[SP] Edifice by Omnicoder

Runners Up
[SP] Sphere: Delta Bunsen! by Lobster
[SP] Cubes ‘n’ Funnels by Will T.
[Coop] Redirecting Redirection by MrTwoVideoCards
[Coop] Fast Bridge by Skotty
[SP] Chamber Six by Nezzy
[SP] Discouragement Encouragement by Groxkiller585
[SP] Don’t Eat the Paint by CaretCaret
[Coop] Fling Bridge by Kosire
[SP] Variation Susceptibility Test (VST) by no00dylan
[SP] Speed Gel Is Fun by supersandvich
[SP] Cubi by AmnDragon
[Coop] Mp_coop_Versus by Pete
[SP] Lost in Testing by KenJeKenny!?
[Coop] Abandoned Chamber by Hunter-Killer
[SP] Missing Geodome by Kay
[SP] Wall Button and Box Racing by lilBro
[SP] Overgrowth by slowdevelopment
[SP] Motanum’s Main Four by Motanum
[SP] Rainbow’s Competition Entry by Rainbow
[SP] PMK 6 by mazk1985
[SP] One in the Chamber by KrispyTheKorn
[SP] Laser Funnel by Nicky397

Next week we will be going over the top non-contest maps since our last roundup several weeks ago, so expect another big dump of maps to play.

Did we forget to mention a great map? Have a suggestion of a map that needs to be included? Think a map should be in the Community Spotlight? Tell us! Post here in this thread with a link to the map you think should be highlighted and we’ll be sure to give it a test drive!