That’s right folks, after about 10 days, 19 judges and a collective amount of 122.1 hours of gameplay, we finally have our result!

Before I announce the winners I would first like to congratulate everyone who entered and all the judges which put in their personal time for this competition. Well done people, you all deserve a massive pat on the back!


…And the winners are…

The Corrupted by Pitkakorvaa with a rating of 4.37 (14 votes)

He is about to kill you by JWcreations with a rating of 4.12 (14 votes)

JOINT POTENTIAL – Act 1 by Moth with a rating of 4.11 (11 votes)

Well done Pitkakorvaa, JWcreations and Moth! You will soon get a message asking for your details so your prizes can be sent off to you.

See the complete list of rankings to see how your map fared off in the competition.

The contest gave us some great material, don’t think we have forgotten about your great entries!

Honourable and dishonourable mentions:

The contest is over… what now?

Go on and play the contest entries (SP workshop page link) and don’t forget to subscribe and watch play-throughs of the levels on the official TWP YouTube channel.

We would also like to mention that since judging has finished, you are welcome to edit your maps freely now and continue improving them.

Again, a huge congratulations to everyone and of course… the winners!