This email comes from the HLCoders mailing list from Valve programmer, Mike Durand.

On 10/15/07, Mike Durand wrote: I’m shooting for an update that includes the updated tools this week or early next. After that I will work on an update that includes the new game DLL code and I am hoping that it will be available in beta by the end of the month.

I’ll let you guys know if I run into any problems that invalidate these timeframes.

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It’s a little bit complicated, but hopefully I can explain it well. CS:S (along with DoD:S and HL2MP) are going to be migrated to the new engine over the next couple of months. Until then you should *not* merge in the new SDK code as it will not work with the old engine. Once we convert the three MP games you *will* want to create a new version of the mod using the updated SDK source code. Makes sense? Sorry I can’t be more specific about exactly when the games will be converted to the new engine. Mike

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You will have the option of still using SDK Base which will still be linkedto the Ep1 engine or you can base your mod on the new app IDs for Ep2, Portal, or TF. We will probably make a new SDK Base that uses the Orange Box engine too.

What does this mean for us mappers? Not much at this point. The editing portion SDK is still slated to be updated within a week or so, so we won’t have to be using the workaround for much longer (we hope!). What Mike is talking about is the SDK Base, which applies to the older games that are still using the older version of Source – not the Source 2007 engine that Episode 2, Portal, and TF2 use. When the older games are fully updated, then the full SDK Base update will be released, and newer mods will be able to use the new technologies – including Portals.

Here’s hoping they’re on time!