Today we release a compile of all the maps from past competitions held by TWP in the years between 2017 – 2019, this project first started with the intention of only include submissions that weren’t available to be downloaded on places the steam workshop, or the very own thinking with portals site, however in the process of assembling this Mod, it evolved to an archival initiative including all the maps we could find that where submitted to any of this contests , including the ones you can still find and play on the workshop.

This mod has a total of 30 maps across all 5 held competitions, all properly named and credited, for you to play and enjoy. Here is a list of all the competitions included in this pack, along with a summary of what it was about, who won, and which map is from which competition.

Summer Mapping Competition – 2017

Theme: Open-ended

This contest is a follow-up to all our fun and successful Mapping Competitions in the past. The purpose of this event is to promote & reward people who are skilled in puzzle design and advanced map-making techniques. We anticipate this competition will be incentive for level designers to bring their A-Game to the Portal 2 community to enjoy. We also hope this encourages newcomers to the content-creation scene using the PTI to challenge themselves to make excellent content with Hammer.


Agelity by Snapper576


Other entries from this contest

  • Double or Nothing by Idolon [Not Included in the Pack]
  • Antilles by RectorRocks
  • Shift-Tab by l1zardr0ckets
  • Double or Nothing by Idolon
  • Laser Construction by PersonMeetup
  • Empty Floor by PortalStorm4000 [Not Included in the Pack]
  • Wheatley’s Final Test by Slyceth [Not Included in the Pack]

Winter Mapping Competition – 2017

Theme: “Alternative Path”

Your map must start off at some place in the campaign, and it must feature the player taking an alternate route. For example, some dialogue goes differently and causes the player to go elsewhere from the main story, or they instead get led through a side door and led astray from the path set by the single player campaign.


Divergence by MisterLambda


Other entries from this contest

  • Parallels by Pratical Problems
  • One Track mind by The Snap
  • Pacbody Wheat to flour by Slycetch [Disqualified In Judging]

BTS Competition – 2018

Theme: “Behind The Scenes”

The gritty inner bowels of Aperture Science, churning out hundreds of OSHA violations per day. Whether it be an old sealed off wing from the 60’s or a processing area from the 90’s, your level must take place in one of the many non-test chamber areas of Aperture Science. Incorporate awe-inspiring set pieces with an incredible atmosphere, and make players admire how cool it is! That said, your map should still contain a puzzle of some sort. Adapt your puzzle to the environment, and have them complement each other beautifully. This is your opportunity to let your visual design shine while also seamlessly integrating a fun puzzle or two. The size and scope of your puzzle(s) is up to you.


Spotless by MisterLambda


Other entries from this contest

  • Exhaust Station by srs_bsnss
  • Neurotoxic Disaster by Tewan
  • Farlands by Person Meetup
  • Foundation Pit by Wii2
  • Robot accident by Super Dirt
  • Laser-controlled movable boxes by leemetme [Not Included in the Pack]
  • Map that I spent 3 hours making by Pancakes

Mobility quality control – 2019

Theme: The use of Gels

Your map must put a spotlight on one of the more challenging elements in puzzle creation: mobility gels. That is, you must use one or more of the gels as the centerpiece/focus of your puzzle. Your map can use any theme you’d like.


Three Friendly Flings by Super Dirt

Three Friendly Flings

Other entries from this contest

  • Untitled Map 1 by Wii2
  • Lemonade by Froge
  • B-Trip by Lambda Core
  • Börk by MisterLambda [Bonus Entry]

Towering – 2019

Theme: Open-Ended

YoYou may interpret this however you’d like, whether it be visuals- focused, puzzle-focused, or some combination thereof. It doesn’t even have to be set in Aperture if you want! However, your map should plainly communicate some aspect of the theme.


The Climb by Tewan


Other entries from this contest

  • The Perilous Pitfall by hennyburgr
  • Doble by Permatemp
  • Apoapsis by MisterLambda
  • Kwyjibo by Engine Hunk Overflow
  • T A L L by Ossy Flawol
  • Two Places at Once by Wii2
  • Escalation by FishSniper86
  • Hamjumper by Camben
  • Laser with two levels by BezaoBuilder
  • Towering by LabPlay [Disqualified, Not Included in the Pack]

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