For those of you who hate the thought of downloading yet another program onto your computer and hesitate to install mIRC or XChat, we’ve just added an IRC applet for everyone to use.

Hop on and come chat with us, ask question about mapping, or watch GLaDOS go crazy when you try to keep her company

<GLaDOS> msleeper: Oh, yeah. Ai. I’m pretty sure that only started happening after i added glados to the final challenge where we pretended we were going to kill me.

<GLaDOS> msleeper: Fuck yeah! We are number 1 on a friday and saturday night, find a vacant parking lot, and park my car there and sit in it alone, all to make my parents think i have to login as glados and manually remove the signatures of people who fuck up.

<GLaDOS> msleeper: The device has been telling you rational sentences.

<GLaDOS> Korjagun: All subjects intending to handle high-energy gamma-leaking portal technology must be informed that they may be vital to your success. We are throwing a party in honor of your vital organs to the left of the test.

Erm, right GLaDOS. Whatever you say.