Test subjects!
Very special news for you: GLaDOS decided to free all of you. That’s right, all of you are free! You can go wherever you want! Finally! And there will be as much cake as you can eat! Delicious and moist!

So even though there are no more tests, we got a new staff member: lpfreaky90! Be nice, say hello and share your cake if you happen to see lpfreaky90!

So as mentioned before: No tests for you, enjoy your freedom! What? It’s April’s Fool day? No, that must be mere chance. You are free! And there are no tests today! Well… None… apart from these:


Gubble, Doublegubble and Advanced Painting by sicklebrick
Let’s start this roundup with a brain teaser called Gubble by sicklebrick. You’ll have to try hard not to get confused in this map because some of the world portals are really confusing – especially when they change their location as you press a button! sicklebrick also brought us a second map called Doublegubble which teases your brain even more. But be warned, the map Doublegubble requires some barely legal mechanics in order to solve the map.
On the other hand we got something completely different, also created by sicklebrick: a very decent map which uses different gels. But while you’re trying to do these tasks don’t forget: Don’t eat the gel!

Replay by Dreey
Over and over again… that’s how you will play the chamber within this map! It keeps rebuilding everytime you enter it again. The puzzles are fairly easy and short, but the way this map is rebuilding over and ove again is just great. Don’t miss to check this out!

Heavens Gate and Mindsweeper by marKiu
marKiu is our hardcore-mapper of the month. He created quite some pretty challenging maps which require test subjects with brain to solve them.
Still knocking on heaven’s door? You’re doing it wrong, test subject! Here it is, Heavens Gate by marKiu. Can you beat this amazing and challenging map? And how about Minesweeper? Can you solve things like this with your mind?

Lesson 0 by Random
It’s time to learn a lesson, test subjects. Lesson 0 by Random is not just a random lesson, but a challenging little map. The map is very short but it can still get you stuck for quite some time because the solution is a little tricky. Are you ready to learn Lesson 0?

Juggling, Wall Bridge and A la Tag by Motanum
Many of you may remember Motanum, one of our great Community Contributors. It’s been a little quiet about him in the last time, but now he surprises you with several releases at once! Each of the maps are fairly short and not too challenging, but definately worth a play. In his map A la Tag you may even face a customized "gun" which requires you to think different.

Dispersed by Xtreger
One more challenging single player to roundup the singleplayer part of today’s roundup: Xtreger brings you Dispersed! The map is pretty small but that doesn’t have to mean it’s easy, right? Come in and find out!


Spotlighted map: 10 reasons for reasoning by Jepp
Out of nowhere we present you cooperative awesomeness in this roundup! Jepp created a little mappack containing 2 maps which contain 5 chambers each. Does this sound like fun, test subjects? All this is made for cooperative action and should get you and your friend busy for some time. If you’re a fan of cooperative maps, you really MUST give this one a play!

This roundup covers maps from 5th March up to the end of March.