With Portal 2’s release literally imminent, and with the return of a large increase in traffic (which as since started to cripple my poor, old server), I have moved the ThinkingWithPortals.com websites to their own dedicated hardware. Previously the TWP sites were running on the same server as my personal site and a few other things. I’m certain this will help (and hopefully resolve!) any load problems we have been having.

Secondly, I went ahead and updated the forum software to the latest version. In theory this should help us stop the spam bot problem (which has, if you’ve noticed, actually decreased the past month or so). With any major upgrades to a heavily modified site like this one, there are bound to be some bugs cropping up. Please report any issues with the forum – and especially with the Download Database – to this thread! Thanks.

And lastly, I’d like to congratulate our newest staff member, WinstonSmith! As the site will no doubt grow in the coming days and week, we will definitely appreciate his help keeping ThinkingWithPortals.com at the top of the Portal 2 custom map community sites.