Well, the ThinkingWithPortals.com 2010 Mapping Contest has come and passed. I hope we all had a lot of fun, but now comes the best part. Judgement. Here is a full listing of the maps from the contest, for easy downloading:

(No Name) by spare8ball
Afterburn by Amran
Dyad by Mevious
MotanumsTest by Motanum
Aperture Rockets by Crabby
Aperture Facility Delta by Soga
temprising by Jthm
19 by elpieo

Maps will be rated on a scale of one-to-five based on four main factors.

– Adherence to your chosen theme. Did you follow the guidelines for the theme you chose? Was your Reveal, well, revealing enough? Did you have your three difficulty chambers?

– Visual and technical design. Is your map well put together? Does your budget go crazy? Does the environment pop out and wow the player? Do brushes overlap, are faces missing, and does lighting leak?

– Judge appeal. An overall score of how one of our four judges rates your map.

– And lastly, Community appeal. The score on your map’s Download page means something! The rating on this page will be a part of your map’s final score as well. Post your map around the internet and get people to play and rate it!

As for our four judges, let’s go ahead and meet them:

– Duffers, two-time TWP Community Spotlight holder.
– MrTwoVideoCards, long time Source mapper and member of Gear Dev.
– Relative TWP newcomer wstrika, a personal friend of mine and artist/web designer for several sites we have worked on together.
– And obviously, myself, another veteran Source mapper and Alpha and Omega here at TWP.

Questions about the judging process, or want to discuss the contest overall? Post it here!