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Wtf ! All scene files missing!

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yeah, i'd be all kinds of pissed off if i had to redownload a 11.3gb game just because it went retarded.
Mobile Broadband FTW!

do NOT click this
WinstonSmith wrote:
.... In effect it redownloads any non-matching files, which means it basically provides you with a new clean copy of the game.

And takes a heck of a lot less time.

Had to do it twice, after verifying the content. One with L4D2 when the smoker data was corrupted, and once with Portal 1 when the game refused to give me the transmission achievement.

With the L4D2, I just totally deleted the smoker data, as when i verified it, it did not see it was damaged. As for Portal 1, I have a fast internet connection, Got it in 5 minutes.

Data is very finicky. For instance, CD and DVD copy protection. Your burner sees the copies are exactly the same, but they are different.

What your hearing is error.wav, and it says "Oh, fiddlesticks. What now?" :lol:

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