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Why does GLaDOS look different?

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Ok I just beat Portal and a saw how GLaDOS looked in Portal 2 and I've been wondering... Why dose GLaDOS look so different? Here have a look now look at this different huh? But how? In the Portal 2 lab rat comic GLaDOS looked how she did in Portal and that was written after Portal 2 came out... Also why dose Apperature Science look different and no I'm not talking about all the vines and stuph I'm talking about the panels, where did they come from and why weren't they there in Portal. My only guess is some sort of robot reconstructed the whole facility while GLaDOS was dead but Ime not sure...

Am I the only one bothered by this :/

It's mostly a design choice; portal 1 was an experiment, a small little simple game, using mostly half-life assets. It's popularity however was a bit bigger than anticipated, so a sequal was made.

I can highly suggest to read the final hours of portal 2, you can find it on steam :) there are some nice insights on why some design choices were made.

When you mean the Face of Glados, in Portal 1 she has this orange thing in front of her face.
In portal 2 this "thing" is brocken or i dont know, so you see only the yellow face.

And the Body, what lpfreaky already said ^^

You don't want everything to be the same in the sequel right? Both of the styles though have their advantages and disadvantages.

Portal 1 has beta like version of GLaDOS

Game mapper.

[spoiler]not really[/spoiler]

She was rebuilt while you were going through the first set of test chambers and the breakout sequence, and it was done a little bit differently.

Falsi sumus crusto!

Ok. Thx for the help all this was really bothering me for some reason :)

It used to bother me too. But I just think it doesn't matter.

I think there is something attached to Glados which is removed in portal 2,allowing her to make emotions,the thing was attached in the face of glados.

Game mapper.

[spoiler]not really[/spoiler]

It's the same reason that the metal panels are black in Portal 2, and that the concrete panels are now metal - it's a stylistic art design change.

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