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[SP] Too Many Variables

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Unless it is out of curiosity - don't knock yourself out.
After all, it only happens when someone tries an alternative solution.
Although - I do love the gel cube method of wiping the floor with the Turrets - hehe.

It is funny because you drop the cube in there from as high as possible - sort of like Bowling - then hear then saying "Don't shoot . . . It's me . . . lalalala . . . etc , so you figger they died and jump down in there. But there always seems to be one more left to blast you. Its like jumping into a Snake Den. So you try waiting longer - but then the cube bounces its way back and into the fizzler !!

I like the map apart the bouncy gel room. Seriously, too much dieing involved.I guess some people like maps where you have to try the same thing over and over until you get it perfect but not me. I rate it 4/5 because I didn't like that part only.

Ok if intended tmv_start.bsp solution was (according to author)

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.
then I guess it's still unpassable, because cube can't be cleaned and stucks in dropper. So 3/5.
Also provided tmv_start.vmf doesn't match the tmv_start.bsp at all, it's from the entirely different version of the map.

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