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[SP] Soundlogic's New Testing Elements demo

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This is a demo for a set of maps I am working on with the new testing elements I am building. It contains a variety of new testing elements, at a higher density than would be used in normal levels. The puzzle isn't that hard, but comments on the new testing elements would be greatly appreciated. The level contains two hidden sections with a total of three easter eggs.
Thank you,
Sound Logic

Credit to: Omnicoder for teaching me how to make everything work and debugging
Credit to: Skotty for making me new models

File Name: soundlogic new testing elements demo V1.0.7z
File Size: 4.06 MiB
Click here to download Soundlogic's New Testing Elements demo

I guess I saw the new testing elements - charged cube, bomb dropper (not new?), holo cube?
Not sure this should be in the released section, maybe in the other or WIP? Unless I missed something else?

Battery cube, holocube, catapult cube, and static cube are the new testing elements. This is a full level however, so I think it would seem that this is the right section. Did you not complete it or something?

I wouldn't call this map design perfect or anything, but the map is funny and I think it's worth a play. It was funny to figure out how the new test elements work. And infact I like it, I wanna see more!


I like pretty much your new elements, hope it would be that easy to import them to hammer...

I am planning to release them eventually, but not quite yet. When I do they should be pretty easy to import though.


The catapult cube has some interesting properties:
** Video Deleted **
Might be useful for speedrunning, or it might just be a game stopper.

The only problem I found with the new elements was that the holocube would sometimes reappear in a different location from where it was left when it ran out of juice.

Hey dude,

I love Portal and want to collect some gameplays (first blind run), speedruns and bug reports.
My records should help you to understand how the player thinks.
Well, I hope I can support you with my uploads to fix any bugs and make new awesome maps.

Here are yours!


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Awesome elements!

- jump cube ...when it's gone, it's gone! Only chance to continue is to restart the map :(

THX for mapping...

Keep it up!

Visit me on ? youtube ?

In the second chamber, you'll get stuck if you get the bouncy-cube up on the high ledge.
And in one of the secret chambers

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

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