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[SP] Sendificate part 4 -- 302

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Brilliant again. Everyone should go and play all your maps. Thanks for creating...

Can't pass the second chamber, a sequence with Wheatey doesn't start, Wheatley doesn't talk:
* AN ERROR HAS OCCURED [the index 'say_hello' does not exist]
* ERROR: logic_relay tutor_align-pedestal-tel_fx has been triggered but is awaiting refire. OUTPUTS WILL NOT BE FIRED!!!

Upd. ok got it.
1) should've copied the map into "portal2/maps" not into "portal2_dlc2/maps" to make Wheatley talk.
2) get rid of mymaps_ steam workshop downloader prefix to fix cubemaps (see my portal2_bsp_launcher.bat).

P.S. Passed, 5/5 (cool puzzles, pure logic, no precision/timing needed).

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