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[SP] Elpie-o Portal 2 contest entry

A map I made for the "summer" (winter here) mapping initiative, I tried to make it between exams and final outcomes so it's kind of (very) rushed and is extremely easy.

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File Size: 1.86 MiB
Click here to download Elpie-o Portal 2 contest entry

contest1010_elpie-o_19 please check out my entry in the TWP mapping contest

I loved the part with the faith plate, not because it was nice to figure it out or something, but because the way to use it was really fun!
The laser part in the end was a nice thinker though, all that glas was a nice hint AND obstacle

Anyway, there was a bug in the beginning, you can easily portal yourself out of the map

Considerable attempt at story mode with modest resources. Resulting spectacle, punching below its weight but not as alien as it could have been. Good luck on your exams, hope you come back working on this!

the hills are alive... with the sound of music

Your map drove Nacimota to commit suicide. Your encased your map in a giant box, and when he tried to compile it himself it took 11 minutes to get to 20% before he killed VVIS running.

Your mapping technique is terrible.

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This definitely looks rushed. So many details just thrown together. Playable, but not really fun. 2/5.

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This is the only map I didn't pass. How do you pass the room with the plate? Also that room from the screenshot is not supposed to be reachable, it's portalable but pretty glitchy.
Upd: nvm passed the plate, yeah you just use portals and physics and no precise timing. Cool find!
Kind of short though, just two puzzle rooms.

Neither can I! I hope my "Four-Part Plan" maps will get good feedback!


Can't find that "Four-Part Plan" maps anywhere. Is it open for testing?