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Problem with my download topic


Wonder if a mod could help.

My download (Trapped) had broken links in it, and I saw that you now don't allow BB code in the description now, but it was there from before, so I remove that and added a link instead.

Unfortunately, I think I screwed it up, and I somehow managed to get a screenshot in the 'download' box, and it made it as 'current'. But it didn't 'add' it, it changed the current download version (v1.3).

So, I deleted it, but I didn't see the note 'Attention: If you will delete versions, all other changes for this download will be ignored and not saved!' and now I cant upload a new version.

So its on an old version 1.2

Any chance someone can reset it and let me upload the v1.3 again?


Rob D.

My Portal2 Map: Trapped

My Travel Blog:

Hmm, weird. Can you upload it as "1.4" and I can see about editing that back down to 1.3? The download system works weirdly.

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Tried 3 times this morning, and after waiting for it to upload, it just goes to an error page saying

General Error
Error while uploading this file. Please go back and retry.
Contact the admin, if this error will still exist.

Chrome throws a error:
POST downloads.php?view=modcp 503 (Service Unavailable)

My Portal2 Map: Trapped

My Travel Blog:

This has got nothing to do with conversion. Are you looking at the thread?

don't feed the spambots :snooze: