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Post your workshop maps here

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I already made 2 levels, check em out!

This one is a recreate of one of my hammer-made maps: ... d=68480834

I went with the flow when I made this one: ... d=68496910

Enjoy them!

Something simple I did. Based on an ancient idea I had that turned out to be too bloody difficult to execute in Hammer. :P

Not exactly super-hard, but hopefully enjoyable for what it is...

There is no "N" in "Turret."

Destitute Flights.
A map involving flings, a moving laser platform and an Excursion Funnel (not necessarily in that order however)

Here's one involving flings and re-use of testing elements. I started this with literally no idea what I wanted to do, and I like what I ended up with.

I must say, this new editor is amazing. It's infinitely easier to crank out functioning puzzles than it ever was with Hammer. My favorite part has to be the ability to see and adjust the exact trajectory a faith plate will launch things at.

There is no "N" in "Turret."

I got home and got straight on my computer to create a test chamber and I'm really surprised at how smoothly the editor runs.

Here is my map titled "The Faster You Go": ... d=68514358

It's pretty simple but even still it's great to actually have an idea click in my head. So please enjoy my first map with this editor. :D

Also the Gels got a new model! I hadn't realized until I used it in the editor and It's a really cool model for them.

"...those who would break the rules and laws are reguarded as scum, but those who would abandon even one of their friends, are worse than scum." -Obito Uchiha
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My Maps/Projects:

Blue Walls
Converting Propulsion
One Week Creation
Secondary Fire
Flings Speed Patience
Ongoing Projects:
Alive & Kicking: Chamber 18 Secondary Fire[/spoiler] ... d=68502936

Penassa's Auto Cognitive Test Series (P.A.C.T.S)
This series of 4 test chambers provides test subjects with stimulating, yet non-aggravating, Brain stimulus; test subjects will be versed in the basic skills to progress them to more advanced potentially non-lethal test chambers. This chamber is also ventilated and lighted for safety and comfort.

The Chamber A-01

I had this map for a long time in my mind, now with the easy to use editor I made it. It is short but quite hard. Give it a try: ... d=68492933

Some laser puzzles, mixed with flinging and the such. Easy-moderate difficulty.

BEARD! wrote:
A first foray into the PTI: The Search For Science

It's not going to be too difficult for the TWP community I think, but it's hopefully going to be enjoyable.

It was fun, i would make the floor under the filzzlers portal proof though, I

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

I had no inspiration for a new map, so I mad a remake of testchamber 13 from Portal 1 :)

Never use Logic to solve a puzzle, he's an idiot...
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