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Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative: out now!

Thank you lpfreak90. It worked. Very fast reply, I appreaciated much :)

WTF is with this 'error building puzzle' crap? Verifying my game cache fixed it once but now that won't work. Good...

Mattyd wrote:
I agree completely, I think I will make the puzzles in PEti export them to hammer, do some finer detailing and export them back to the workshop.

I would highly discourage that seeing as all the walls created in the in-game map editor have angled edges to fit together. A royal pain in the ass to fix before detailing.

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lpfreaky90 wrote:
hemotem wrote:
As of 6:30 PST over 9,000 maps have been uploaded. OMG!!

Yea, it's sick :O

My 3 maps have a total of 12130 downloads in 3 hours... that's a lot more then my maps here ;)

God I think it is amazing that after all this wait and my failing at Hammer that when I finally can make a map and publish it... It only has one view (MY VIEW)!!! After a whole day not one person has taken a look at it and I have no idea how I can get a map to be noticed at all. For all people know it could be really good (probably not considering its first) but if nobody looks...

Rant over :/

I havent been able to find the option to export my maps for hammer. Anybody else find it?

func_train was removed from the fgds. Brilliant.
Valve did add a tripwire keyvalue to rocket turrets though.
Tractor beams now have a "use 128x128 model" boolean.

fattredd wrote:
I havent been able to find the option to export my maps for hammer. Anybody else find it?

I haven't tried it, but if you go to /portal 2/portal2/puzzles you will find a .p2c for each map. If I'm not mistaken they can be imported into hammer. Or there might be a command that exports them to wmf.

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The vmf is generated as part of the build process. Once you've built your map in the puzzle creator, you can just go and grab the vmf and load it in Hammer.

See this thread for details.

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