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Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative: out now!

Hello everyone,

The wait is over: the second portal 2 dlc is out: The Perpetual Testing Initiative.
Help Mr Johnson out to create tests for Aperture science in the multiverse by using the in-game easy map editor. Or help him out testing them by using the steam workshop, and letting him know a test works :thumbup: or not :thumbdown: .


So, boot up steam and start downloading this new DLC now! It's completely free!
Once you finish your test chamber and you want to share it with us you can use the
Promote your workshop map here thread.

Cave Johnson, back to work!


Oh boy, so excited. Downloading this update at a blazing fast 150kbps!

Currently working on Darksiders 3.

I tried to play portal 2 and it showed up a message saying that I was missing DLL module, then portal 2 authoring tools beta started to update, Is it normal?

MrTwoVideoCards wrote:
Oh boy, so excited. Downloading this update at a blazing fast 150kbps!

150 ay? I get 20...

12 Angry Tests
"I hear voices. But I ignore them and I just carry on killing."

Woohoo! Wait...
It broke Hammer and failed to validate 27 files (23 for the tools, 4 for Portal 2). All hail insta-crash!

yep, hammer is broken for me.

No idea why, but I'm getting the overwhelming feeling that I don't like this new editor as much as Hammer. I guess I just got attached to hours spent working on failed test chambers using that stupid broke piece of overcomplicated beauty.

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can anybody advise how make the sixense controller be detected? since the dlc2 it does not show up.

After DLC not work Portal2 and Hammer editor (restart steam and PC help not). I used restore point on Windows, now work all but only DLC, sound work not propertly and i can not play coop with friends. But i can made with Hammer :-).

Now i backup my maps and then i need a clean download from portal2.

What do i do if everything in the "community maps" is in the pink default don't-know-the-texture-sqaures?

EDIT: Nevermind... I just had to update authoring tools... But i cant compile anything in PEti :(

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