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Portal 2 Beta; stuff you wanted to see in the game

reepblue wrote:
tile wrote:

Know if he used my stuff? I would hate to see if he used stock models and textures. :/

He didn't, but I gave him the link afterwards, and he did a good job with the stock content anyways. I'm not sure if he's going to use the things in the betapack though now that he's already done a lot of the maps.

| _/ () wrote:
Arachnaphob wrote:
Also mashy spike plates.
Needs more of those.

Did you know, crushers were first planned for portal 1 ?
Then they were scrapped.
It was planned for them to be used in more test chambers in portal 2.
They were scrapped.
They were going to be one of wheatley's main weapons against chell in his lair.
They were screpped.

It gets you thinking how many times have valve found out that crushers don't fit well in so many variaties of maps. There's a reason why they aren't many in the game.

MSP vs valve :D

My old attempt on recreating E3 Funnels. Never achieved light from the video :/