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Portal 2 Beta; stuff you wanted to see in the game

iWork925 wrote:
I really don't see much difference.

So do I.

opticalprocessor wrote:
Can you count F-STOP as Portal 2 Beta?

Because I really liked that.

How can you say that you like it, since no one knows what it is? It's a new mechanic, that was cool enough to release as a new game, but not cooler than portals, so VALVe kept portals in portal 2 and are still keeping F-Stop as a secret future project, that has never been revealed to the world.
Even this little bit of information sounds exciting though, so I want an F-Stop game too :)

opticalprocessor wrote:
I felt like Portal 2 didn't explore enough into Underground.

And others say it was so long that it became boring. I think the underground part had the perfect lenght.

Adhesion Gel. Dropped during alpha builds of the game. Too disorienting to play testers. The mechanics of portals themselves can be disorienting!

I can understand why reflection gel was scrapped.

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I believe Reflection Gel was scrapped for the same reason Diversity Vents and Paint Fizzlers were - because Valve decided it wasn't versatile enough, and wouldn't allow for many different puzzles. It was also supposed to work on light bridges and funnels.

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Wasn't reflection gel a big plothole? Because gels were exclusive to old aperture, and weren't needed in modern, wasnt it strange that they would make a gel that reflects a modern element?
Also conversion gel was barely used.

More on topic:
I was really sad they didn't include those half-bts half-clean chambers. I guess art therapy kinda fits, but the overall complexity of the vactubes and wires and panels shooting through tests from the beta looked extremely nice.
Also mashy spike plates.
Needs more of those.

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More rooms that shift and stuff.

Arachnaphob wrote:
Also mashy spike plates.
Needs more of those.

Did you know, crushers were first planned for portal 1 ?
Then they were scrapped.
It was planned for them to be used in more test chambers in portal 2.
They were scrapped.
They were going to be one of wheatley's main weapons against chell in his lair.
They were screpped.

It gets you thinking how many times have valve found out that crushers don't fit well in so many variaties of maps. There's a reason why they aren't many in the game.

More conversion gel. I know this isn't really beta-exclusive, but I think there were only 3 puzzles with it? Conversion Intro, Three Gels, and Finale 1.

About reflection gel being a plothole: there's gel pipes in plain view right before the boss fight, so I doubt Aperture scrapped them.

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I would like to see the scrapped maps too. Some of them were good. Valve might as well upload them to the workshop if they don't want it in the game. ... ?appid=620

This guy remade everything. :D

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tile wrote:

Know if he used my stuff? I would hate to see if he used stock models and textures. :/

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