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Pack of Portal 2 wallpapers

Here, have some!

Twenty 1920x1080 sized pictures. Contains spoilers.

Nice. Did you make these?

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Excellent pack! Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day,

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msleeper wrote:
Nice. Did you make these?

I extracted most of them from Portal 2 files. They were .vtf so I had to turn them into .tga, resize them (they were 1024x1024) and then save as .jpeg.

There are also some screenshots I took.

nice! Now if they were only in the superior 1920x1200! w00t!

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Just resize them if you want 1920x1200 :P They were 1024x1024 in the first place.

MrLate wrote:
Screw you Rellik!

Ohh.. well thanks for nothing!
lol j/k bro. i'm just being lazy anyway :P

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Vrrry nice, shame I'm limping along on 1024x768 CRT monitor D:

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W00t, well done there. If it helps, I've had this Portal 2 wallpaper for some time as well: ... /dvf3z.jpg (not mine)

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