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NostalgiaVille - A Half-Life 2 Mapping Contest

Good morning test subjects!

Today we have a fun announcement - the Half-Life 2 mapping community RunThinkShootLive is hosting a mapping contest called NostalgiaVille with some amazing prizes, and I want all of you to have a chance at winning. In addition to $600 in prize money, I am also offering up a one of a kind Combine Metro Cop helmet replica as an additional prize!


Here's some info about the contest from the RunThinkShootLive site:

Half-Life 2 has been around for longer than 13 years, but many will agree that the game has still not lost its charm. NostalgiaVille seeks to balance out the scale by re-introducing the classic environments of Half-Life 2 in the modern day.

In this challenge, you are given 2 months to create a level set in the early chapters of Half-Life 2 (think City 17 up to and including the Coast, however we find that the City and Canal sections in their pre-Uprising state are the least prominent within usual challenge entries).

A big focus of NostalgiaVille is, well, Nostalgia. The player should be reminded of the time when they first played Half-Life 2, and levels should, to some degree, feel familiar.

We would like the early Half-Life 2 environments to be used and a level of familiarity in the level design to be kept, but gameplay can be either similar to the way it was in the original game or changed to add new concepts into the old environments, thus combining the new and old in your entry.

So what are you waiting for? Fire up Hammer and go win this thing!

Full info here:

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Saw this announcement in my email, and really tempted to do so.
But knowing me, it will take more than 2 months to complete :P.

Summary of rules:

  1. Content must come from HL2 - Ep2 & Lost Coast. Custom content is only allowed if it integrates well with original content.
  2. Atmosphere is from City 17 to Coast chapters (no Combine architecture, I think canals/sewers are allowed)
  3. They encourage supplying your original .vmf
  4. The map will released into their RTSL-SC2018-NostalgiaVille Mod.
  5. They have a strict naming convention for the competition - be sure to follow it!
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